Change the look and feel of your home with our stunning, yet secure, uPVC Residential Doors. With a wide choice of designs, colours and woodgrain finishes, make your home truly yours with a unique stamp of style.

Clydebuilt Home Improvements Doors in Perth

Every home will at some point need their front and back doors in Perth replacing and there are multiple benefits to doing so. You might even wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. At Clydebuilt Home Improvements we are committed to providing new doors in Perth that will not only improve the visual aesthetic of your home from the outside, but can also have a significant impact on your energy efficiency and security.

Why use Clydebuilt?

Our team has extensive experience in the industry collectively bringing more than 100 years experience to the table. We offer high quality products at competitive and affordable prices as well as outstanding customer service, making the full process as stress free as possible for you so you can start to enjoy the benefits of your new doors.


Some Stunning Colours

Our PVC-U door panels are available in a range of colour grain and woodgrain options. From modern Chartwell Green & Anthracite Grey to the ever-popular Oak & Rosewood, we can help you find the perfect colour to suit your home.

Anthracite Grained

Anthracite Grained

PVC U colour Smooth RAL

Anthracite Smooth

Agate green

Agate Green

An Teak

An Teak

Silver Grey

Silver Grey

Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Slate Grey

Slate Grey

Black Brown

Black Brown

Irish Oak

Light Oak


Golden Oak


Standard Cream


Rosewood Grain


Standard White



White Cream

White Cream

Our Accreditations

We take quality seriously, so we’re proud that our standards are endorsed by all the relevant industry bodies and glazing associations. MORE ABOUT ACCREDITATIONS

The Clydebuilt Process

From manufacturing, fabricating, designing and installing we put quality at the centre of your whole experience from start to finish

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We design every window and door to make your house a home

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We ensure that the measurements and styles are confirmed

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Our accredited installers install leaving your home as they found it

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Once complete and satisfied you will receive your guarantee


uPVC doors

In the past uPVC doors may have earned a bit of a reputation for being basic and overly plastic-looking, but advancements in technology have ensured that the modern uPVC doors of today are much more pleasing to the eye. A popular choice for traditional and modern house styles, the range of colour choices for uPVC doors has also grown significantly as the dominant colour used to be white, and they have impressive durability, lasting and maintaining a new finish look for many years.

Another key feature of uPVC is that it is completely weather resistant, so there is no chance of rotting and any marks that might appear can be easily cleaned with soapy water. Offering great value for money, a uPVC front door in Perth from Clydebuilt is a common choice for a lot of households.

Composite doors

Equally well suited to traditional and modern properties, composite doors are a front runner when it comes to security as they are produced from various materials, including uPVC. The majority of composite doors use wood, but at Clydebuilt we use a high-density core that is 60% stronger than your normal composite door in all of our front, back, French, and stable doors.

You also have the option for added extras, like a steel mesh, to make the door four times stronger. Composite doors can give you a very discernible woodgrain effect, meaning you can have the look of a traditional wooden door without the maintenance or problems that can come with it. When it comes to colour, you will be overwhelmed with choices as pretty much any RAL is compatible with a composite door, allowing you to choose a finish that enhances your home whether it is a period property, a new build, a cottage, or a townhouse.

Patio doors

If you want to open up the space between your home and garden and let in a lot of natural light, patio doors from a high-quality door company in Perth, like Clydebuilt, are a must have. A striking set of sliding patio doors can help bring the outside in, giving you easy access to your outdoor space and great views.

Energy efficiency and security are essential features of Clydebuilt doors, and our patio doors are no different. With double brush seals on all sides and unique quadruple seal interlocks, you are guaranteed protection from the most severe weather conditions and maximise thermal insulation to keep you warm and lower your heating bills.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors are glass panel doors that have a track system to slide and fold as they open. They have increased in popularity over the years with many homeowners opting for them over standard back doors, as their concertina-style folding mechanism allows the door opening to be fully clear when the doors are open. Bifold doors are double glazed for energy efficiency and our selections are made from aluminium to ensure maximum security and durability too.

If you’re looking for doors that work hard, bifold doors are a great choice. They can offer more than other patio doors due to their flexibility. Installing the right bifold doors can transform your home for the better.

French doors

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home and make the most of your outdoor space all year round, then investing in a set of French doors is a must. French doors are external double glass doors that open outwards. On long summer days you can open the doors and turn your garden into an extension of your entertaining space for parties. Also, in winter they allow much needed light to come in and keep out the cold Scottish weather. Unlike bifold and patio doors, French doors don’t slide or fold, they are easy to use, maintain, and install because there is no need for a track mechanism.

Your front door is the main feature a visitor will see when they come to your home and form the basis of their first impression. As well as conveying your personal style through the front of your home, you can use a replacement door to improve your security, energy conservation, amount of natural light, and reduce external noise.

Planning your new front door

When considering your new front door entrance, you have the choice of whether to complement the style of your home or create contrast. Materials, door design, fixtures, fittings, glazing and finish will all have a role in your decision. Typically, it is advantageous to match the style of the existing property. For example, a grand Victorian style front door, finished in a bold colour might look amazing in a 19th or early 20th century home but the same door would likely not look as good when fitted on a building built in the 1960s or 70s.

Opting to contrast instead of complement is a more difficult and riskier move but when it is done carefully and right, it can look stunning. Using the experienced team of door fitters in Perth at Clydebuilt will help you achieve the perfect balance and bring your ideas to life.

Making an entrance

There is a lot to think about with not just your front door but the full entrance to your home. Where a door is recessed, by bringing it forward, flush with the front of the house can create a bigger hallway space and the opportunity to plan flooring, levels, and the front doorstep. Consider whether the way that the door opens is important and right for you, left or right, do you need to swap to a left-handed or right-handed door?

The latest front doors offer a variety of materials, styles, and colours that can blend with period and modern homes as well as achieving low maintenance, better security, improved insulation, and reduced energy bills. Replacing your front door won’t require planning permission unless you are in a listed building or a conservation area. If your property is leasehold, you might need to check with the freeholder or management company prior to starting the upgrade.


If the design of your front door is going to include glass, your choice of glazing can completely change the entire look and feel of your front door. There are a wide range of glass options available including clear, tinted, frosted, and patterned, which you can get in single, double, and triple glazed formats.

You should consider balancing factors like the natural light gained from clear glass with the look and privacy element of patterned or obscured glazing. If your door is north facing you have the opportunity to counter the lower natural light and include a larger glazing area in your design with double glazing for thermal efficiency.

Be sure to check that your new front door meets the latest minimum British Standards in respect of all aspects of glass including the security, thermal ability, the safety qualities such as the characteristics of the force needed to break the glass, and the nature of how the glass breaks. Glazing can add a new dimension to your front door design, so it is an important part of the process.


There have been significant advantages in door security in recent years and it is almost a certainty that having a good quality front door will improve your home and your family’s sense of wellbeing. A top front door company in Perth like us at Clydebuilt offers extra levels of security to give you a door which is as near to burglar-proof as possible. Keep in mind that even a strong door is only as good as the strength of the frame and the quality of the installation into your home.

Energy efficiency and conservation

A good front door will significantly contribute to the heat retention in your property. This is because the effectiveness of insulation around the rest of your home and double glazing can be compromised if the front door is draughty or not suitably insulated. Thermal efficiency is about more than just keeping your house warm in the winter, it will be cooler in the summer with a well-insulated, modern front door, creating savings on your energy bills throughout the year. You might also find that a new door can reduce noise, which is especially useful for overly noisy road traffic.

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