Change the look and feel of your home with our stunning, yet secure, uPVC Residential Doors. With a wide choice of designs, colours and woodgrain finishes, make your home truly yours with a unique stamp of style.

What is a uPVC door?

uPVC stands for un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride and is used in the manufacturing of windows and doors by encasing an insulated steel frame in the uPVC to create a sealed window that is very strong and thermally efficient. Despite having a plastic look finish, doors that are made from uPVC are a highly stylish, affordable, and effective solution for any home. Find your perfect uPVC doors now from Clydebuilt Home Improvements.

Benefits of a UPVC Door.

  • Energy Saving
    A modern uPVC door is recognised for their sound insulation, thermal efficiency, & value for money. These doors can help you save money on your heating bills, coupled with making your home look great while you’re doing it.
  • Multi Point Locking System
    Clydebuilt uPVC doors are fitted with a multipoint locking system keeping potential intruders securely locked out.
  • Low Maintenance
    A practical choice for today’s busy households, thanks to its wipe-clean design, uPVC doors are weather resistant & won’t rot or rust as other door materials can.
  • Easy to Customise
    uPVC doors are available in several different colours to complement your home’s exterior. There’s a range of handles, knockers, catflaps & letter plates to browse through too.

Some Stunning Colours

Our PVC-U door panels are available in a range of colour grain and woodgrain options. From modern Chartwell Green & Anthracite Grey to the ever-popular Oak & Rosewood, we can help you find the perfect colour to suit your home.

Anthracite Grained

Anthracite Grained

PVC U colour Smooth RAL

Anthracite Smooth

Agate green

Agate Green

An Teak

An Teak

Silver Grey

Silver Grey

Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Slate Grey

Slate Grey

Black Brown

Black Brown

Irish Oak

Light Oak


Golden Oak


Standard Cream


Rosewood Grain


Standard White



White Cream

White Cream

Our Accreditations

We take quality seriously, so we’re proud that our standards are endorsed by all the relevant industry bodies and glazing associations. MORE ABOUT ACCREDITATIONS

The Clydebuilt Process

From manufacturing, fabricating, designing and installing we put quality at the centre of your whole experience from start to finish

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We design every window and door to make your house a home

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We ensure that the measurements and styles are confirmed

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Our accredited installers install leaving your home as they found it

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Once complete and satisfied you will receive your guarantee


Lower energy bills

uPVC doors in Stirling can help you create a warmer and cosier feel in your home and lower your annual heating bills. Now that’s something you will want to make the most of, isn’t it? uPVC doors are well-loved for their excellent sound insulation as well as thermal efficiency, which means you can reduce your heating costs as well as improve the value of your home! These days, there is such a range of styles out there to suit every taste and pocket – we guarantee we can provide the ideal door for you at Clydebuilt Home Improvements.

Low maintenance

Striking a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics, solid uPVC doors are the ultimate in timeless practicality. A durable and weather-resistant material, uPVC doors also help your doors last longer by resisting rot, mould, and rust better than their wooden counterparts – which means you can spend less time maintaining them. A simple wipe every now and then to keep it looking fresh and that is all you will need to maintain your uPVC doors.

High quality security

Modern uPVC doors have been built to withstand any weather condition or applied force. They have a galvanized steel core which is very difficult to break down. In addition, they boast a multipoint locking system, keeping intruders securely locked out. Your best bet for complete security in your property is a door with the highest standard of protection measures involved to give you peace of mind that your home is secure.

Easy customisation to suit your needs

uPVC doors are available in a wide range of different colours to complement your house’s exterior. There’s a range of handles, knockers, cat flaps & letter plates to browse through too, it is not just the material and colour you have the options for. As one of the most flexible materials on the market when it comes to colour and other key features, you can truly tailor your new door to your personal style and get the look you want for your home.

Impressive soundproofing

One of the biggest downsides to living near a busy road or high traffic area, can be the loud noises you have to put up with. Whether it’s cars or people talking outside your house, it can be very frustrating. A uPVC door is designed to improve soundproofing within your home by blocking out all these unexpected disturbances. This means you can enjoy living in your home free from unwanted noises that ruin your peace and quiet.

Stylish as well as functional

There was a time when uPVC doors were seen as nothing but boring old white coloured doors. However, with the arrival of more modern uPVC doors, you can give your home an amazing new look. uPVC is no longer out of style, as door manufacturing advancements have meant that your new doors can give you the function and fashion that you’re looking for without having to compromise on either one. You don’t have to settle for just any other door; uPVC has come into its own and it’s perfect for your house.

Highly durable

Again, countering the old, stereotypical view of uPVC as being weak, modern uPVC is specially designed to retain its strength and sturdiness for many years. This durability sets it apart from other traditional materials e.g., iron or wood that may swell, warp or even rot after a period of time. Also, this material has an advantage over metal and wood since they are prone to rusting which uPVC will never experience due to its unique quality.

If you choose uPVC doors for your home in Stirling you can be sure of having a long lasting, watertight structure that will protect your house from the various weather conditions it could be subjected to. Being unaffected by extreme temperatures the doors will always open and close smoothly keeping your house secure at all times.

Composite doors are made from multiple different materials that are compressed and glued together, whereas uPVC doors are made from one single material. Both of these materials offer a wide range of benefits to homeowners and make good choices to think about when looking for a new door.

However, it is easy to understand why so many people choose uPVC over composite doors. They are the most cost-effective alternative for homeowners without compromising on security, insulation, or style. Not only do they provide value for money, but they are incredibly stylish and provide numerous benefits that you won’t get anywhere else.

Though there was timber was common in the early days and aluminium is such a popular option today, if you’re looking for something that bridges the gap between the two materials then you should certainly consider uPVC as it has all of the benefits of timber but also has certain qualities that allow it to compete with aluminium. It’s budget-friendly, just as durable, and long lasting, which is great news for anyone trying to figure out what type of exterior home design will be best suited for them in the long term based on their needs right now.

If you are after a stunning new front door that complements an attractive property or sets the style for a newly built home, then think about investing in UPVC. With its versatility, you can tailor it to the exact look, finish, and styling of your choosing with flexible designs that can make your door an eye-catching feature.

Regardless of whether your uPVC door has been installed for two years or twenty, if it has been maintained correctly then it should still be in fine working order. The longevity of uPVC doors does vary individually but if the installation was carried out by an approved company using high quality materials you could expect them to last at least 25-30 years. It’s worth noting though that all types of doors will eventually need some TLC so don’t be scared to give yours a good clean every now and again in order to keep it looking fresh and practical.

With the many benefits listed above, it’s easy to see why uPVC doors are so prominent in the UK today. The right high-quality doors, provided by the experts at Clydebuilt Home Improvements in Stirling, strike the ideal balance between function and visual appearance while providing enough durability for you to get worthwhile enjoyment from them for many years to come.

Replace your dull wooden or dilapidated doors with beautiful new uPVC doors in Stirling from Clydebuilt Home Improvements. When it comes to home improvement, choosing a new door really requires your consideration of different factors and what is a priority for you.

It’s important to select a door that will perfectly match your personal aesthetic and vision for your home as well as giving you the level of performance and functionality you want. If you have any questions about our products please let us know, our helpful staff are here to help you find your ideal door.

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