Casement windows from Clydebuilt Home Improvements are secure, energy-efficient and attractive, so it’s no surprise they’re our best-selling style. They’re individually designed especially for you in the colour, glazing, & configuration of your choice. With side or hinges, our casement windows are incredibly versatile & high performing, keeping your home well-insulated & secure all year-round.

Casement windows in Perth. A Popular Choice.

Casement windows would suit most types of homes in Perth as they are extremely versatile. They come in many different colours & the most popular of all replacement windows in Perth. Casement windows can be combined to create a limitless amount of styles featuring fixed panes, top & side opening lights all the time, giving the added benefit of fantastic noise reductions, zero to low maintenance & safety and security. Casement windows from Clydebuilt Home Improvements can achieve an A+ rating which is the highest possible energy rating for windows.

What is a casement window?

A casement window is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side that allows it to open. They can be paired together or single windows that are fitted within one frame and hinged on the outside. Casement windows Perth from Clydebuilt Home Improvements are available in a range of materials and are normally held open using a casement stay. Casement windows that are hinged at the top are known as awning windows (or top opening casement), and if they are hinged at the bottom they are known as hopper windows (or bottom opening casement).


Some Stunning Colours

A beautiful range of colours and stains, including uPVC woodgrain finishes, which look like real wood, but without the maintenance. Plus, dual colours with white inside and a second shade on the exterior, in-keeping with both the character of your property and inside décor.

With Some Added Extras.

  • Equal Site Lines
  • Opening Restrictors
  • Window Sill & Boards
  • Option of Top or Side Opening
Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

Basalt Grey

Basalt Grey

Agate Grey

Agate Grey

Pebble Grey

Pebble Grey

Silver Grey

Silver Grey

Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Slate Grey

Slate Grey

Beck Brown

Beck Brown

Light Oak

Light Oak

Golden Oak

Golden Oak


Standard Cream


Rosewood Grain


Standard White

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Casement Windows FAQs

Casement windows are the most energy efficient opening window because the window frame pushes against the outer frame and creates an airtight seal that keeps the cold air out and the warm air in. For this reason, casement windows are better than most other window styles. A sliding window needs to be flexible so that the window can slide open and close and because of this, it is not as energy efficient as a casement window.

Any new double glazed window will be better than the older style of windows from years ago as there have been so many technological advancements since the last time your property might have had new windows. Casement windows are one of the most efficient and cost-effective windows on the market today and they can fully transform the look and feel of your home.

Replacement casement windows Perth offers many benefits in comparison to other types of windows including:

  •       They work well when combined as part of a larger window installation, like in a bay, bow, or French windows.
  •       One of the most energy and thermally efficient windows due to their weather-resistant seals that keep out draughts. Their multi-chamber profiles improve insulation when compared to other window styles.
  •       They are a great way to ventilate a room or area thanks to their side opening and optional trickle ventilation opening.
  •       Offers a big opening variant.
  •       Can provide an unobstructed view as the window pane can be made up as one sash.
  •       New casement windows are very secure and nearly impossible to break into from the outside.
  •       They have safety friction hinges, child safe hinges, fire escape hinges, and easy cleaning hinges.
  •       Can be manufactured with privacy glass if needed.
  •       They can be designed to fit in with the décor and character of your property from the inside and outside.
  •       Simple to use as they can be easily opened and closed due to their configuration, and many can be installed alongside automatic openers.

You should consider casement windows in Perth if your current windows need replacing as they are secure, energy efficient, and not as expensive as other types of windows. They can be designed to meet your needs exactly and a professional company like Clydebuilt Home Improvements will work with you to achieve the look you want.

Casement windows can be installed quickly and efficiently by our specialist fitters, leaving very little mess, and if you are replacing multiple windows you will have several installers there to get the job finished faster and more effectively, causing minimal disruption. Once your new casement windows are in place you will get your 10-year guarantee.

There are 3 main types of casement window:

  •       Single frame casement windows are the most common type to install. These windows have a single frame and inside the frame are panels of glass which are separated by wooden strips. They open inwards or outwards, depending on how they are mounted.
  •       Double casement windows used to be referred to as French casement windows. These are two windows that are hinged on the sides, they swing outwards and meet in the middle.
  •       Push out casement windows are available in both single and double styles and operated by a handle instead of a crank.

It is not out of place to see casement windows in Perth with leaded glass patterns. These patterns can help to break up the monotony of a large window whilst also adding uniqueness and an original feel to your home.

Replacement casement windows in Perth will vary in price depending on a few different factors, including the quality of the window, the size, how many you want to install, the glazing, and your choice of frame as well as which supplier you choose to carry out the installation. 

At Clydebuilt Home Improvements you can feel assured that you are getting the highest standard of casement windows as our team has a combined total of more than 100 years of experience in the industry. We are on-hand to make sure you can get the new windows you want for your home at the best price. Enter your details today to get your free quote.


Casement windows would suit almost any type of home in Scotland as they are extremely versatile. They can come in five different colours from Clydebuilt Home Improvements and are the most popular type of replacement windows in the area. Replacement casement windows in Perth can be combined to create a limitless number of styles featuring fixed panes, top and side opening lights all the time giving the extra benefits of impressive noise reduction, zero to low maintenance, and a high level of safety and security. Casement windows from us can achieve an A+ rating which is the highest possible energy rating for windows.


Casement windows can be customised to suit your specific requirements with added features like decorative glass and clip-on Georgian bars in a variety of finishes. Our 70mm profiles are able to accommodate the best in technology when it comes to high performance hinges, handles, and locking mechanisms making your window fully secure and giving you peace of mind. Double glazing is offered with all of the casement windows in Perth that we fit.

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