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Composite Doors Fife

Not all doors are made equal. Your front door is the first and last thing your visitors will see. It’s a gateway into your beloved home, where you share some of your most cherished memories and prized possessions – it’s only fitting that your home exterior reflects what is inside.

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What is a Composite Door?

The term ‘Composite Door’ is such as well-known phrase that it is now always used to describe an entrance door, but did you know that a composite door is actually a door made from a mixture of materials, and at Clydebuilt – we only use the best!

Rather than using timber which often swells & bows, we use a high-density core that is 60% stronger than your standard composite door in all of our entrance doors, back doors, patio doors, french & stable doors. With added extras such as steel mesh to make the door four times stronger, you really wouldn’t be able to find a more robust composite door in Scotland than Clydebuilts doors!

Thermally Efficient.

When manufacturing our composite doors, there are various innovative technologies used that make our doors superior to most exterior other composite doors. Thermal efficient materials such as PVC-U skins, glass, reinforced frames, & polyurethane foam all work together to achieve the best possible energy ratings.

A clear backing glass is another great way to improve the thermal performance of your door, as a special coating can be applied to the glass, making it even more thermally efficient. Unfortunately, special coatings cannot be applied to textured glass designs, so if you’re really looking to drill down your energy bills, then you need to choose clear glass!

A Low PVC-u threshold is another option that can help reduce energy bills and achieve an A-rating!

Choice of 13 Stunning Colours

With 13 stunning colours to choose from & hundreds of back & front door styles, you can be assured that your door will not only look the part but be secure too!

Each of our coloured doors is protected with Heat Shield technology & feature an amazing wood grain texture on both the front & back so you can appreciate your new composite door after you have closed it to the outside world.

With the ability to choose a different colour for the internal & external side of the door, a Clydebuilt truly allows flexibility when choosing a composite door for your home.

Anthracite Grey

Agate Grey

Chartwell Green

Slate Grey

Light Oak

Standard Cream

Rosewood Grain

Standard White


Emerald Green


Sapphire Blue


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We take quality seriously, so we’re proud that our standards are endorsed by all the relevant industry bodies and glazing associations. Find out more about our accreditations here

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Composite Doors FAQ’s

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Clydebuilt composite front doors Scotland have been purposefully designed to address the common issues of older front doors, such as weathering, fading in colour, and consistent maintenance. By choosing a composite door you can experience considerable benefits in comparison to timber and uPVC.

Clydebuilt composite front doors Scotland have been purposefully designed to address the common issues of older front doors, such as weathering, fading in colour, and consistent maintenance. By choosing a composite door you can experience considerable benefits in comparison to timber and uPVC.

Longer lasting
Having composite doors fitted in Scotland is a solid investment as they are well manufactured to have all the best qualities for a front door and so won’t need to be replaced for around 35 years. Unlike timber, it won’t crack or peel paint and unlike cheaper low-quality uPVC, it won’t warp, fade, or look shabby after a period of time.

Strong and durable
Composite doors are much stronger than the parts used to make them would be on their own and these materials used in their combination mean that the door is more durable than timber or uPVC. They can withstand significant wear and tear, bumps and knocks and the external GRP material is particularly resistant to denting, kicks, and knocks.

Sturdy and secure
One of the most important features of a front door is how safe and secure it is and composite doors have superior security due to the steel-reinforced frame and internal solidity of the door. The quality of composite doors can vary, so it is important to choose Clydebuilt Home Improvements to get both the best composite door prices in Scotland and the highest quality products in the door itself and the locking hardware. We ensure that our security standards are of the highest level, meaning any potential intruder would find it near impossible to break through your new door.

Thermally efficient
Older doors tend to suffer from problems like draughts and gaps as a result of warping and shifting in the frame. Even though wood has good thermal properties, it cannot compare to the insulating core of a composite door, and the precision fit manufacture means the door will sit perfectly in the frame to eliminate gaps. Clydebuilt composite doors are A-rated for thermal efficiency and will help to retain heat in the home.

Attractive kerb appeal
Timber doors are renowned for being stunning to look at from the outside and add value to your home, but it takes a lot of work to keep them that way. With a wood-grain effect surface, the composite door looks just as good as wood but has the benefit of always looking like a newly painted wooden door. You can guarantee that a composite door will make a striking appearance on your property.

Traditional composite doors are great for older properties or for adding a different twist to a more contemporary build. They can give homeowners a better class of door without compromising on the classic appearance of their home. The versatility of composite doors means they can also compliment an ultramodern appearance of a newer build property, so no matter what type of home you have you can get a composite door to suit it.

Low maintenance
As beautiful as timber doors look on many properties, there is no getting away from the fact that it is a high maintenance material. The freshly painted look of wood does not usually last long as it needs a lot of care and attention to stop the door from cracking, rotting, or peeling and it weathers fast. Composite doors look just as good as wood but have the benefit of only needing a quick wash with warm water and a cloth to keep them looking their best. You should expect an appealing look and a long life out of your composite door.

Better noise reduction
As well as providing impressive levels of energy efficiency, the structure of a composite door makes it the ideal choice for busy areas and main roads. Unwanted noise from outside is reduced so you can enjoy your home in peace and quiet no matter where you live.

Available in a range of colours
Your front door is your first chance to make an impression with visitors who come to your home. Choosing an exciting colour that suits or stylishly contrasts your property will grab the attention of anyone walking by. Our composite doors come in a wide range of colours and finishes so you can find the right colour for your front door.

Protection from the weather
With effective weathertight seals, no matter what the Scottish weather throws at your property, you can be assured that your Clydebuilt composite will be a highly efficient defence. Draughts will be a thing of the past and you can stay comfortable throughout the seasons.

A brand new composite door is seen as a favourably home improvement that can add some value to your home. This is much like getting new uPVC windows, as it creates a great first impression to prospective buyers as one of the first parts of your home they see. It’s low maintenance and secure & looks like a solid hardwood door from the outside.

Composite doors are made from a number of materials that are pressed & glued together, whereas uPVC doors are made out of a single material. uPVC doors are the most popular choice in homes across the country because they provide a good balance between insulation, security & cost. Composite doors are a lot more expensive than uPVC doors, which is why uPVC remains the most popular choice of door.

Keeping a front door looking bright and appealing can be challenging, particularly if your front door faces a lot of weathering from wind and rain. uPVC doors are available in bright colours, but they can fade over time, especially if they face strong UV light. Timber doors typically crack and peel when hit with heavy rain and dried by hot weather.

Composite doors are finished with a resistant element that means it can withstand any weather that is thrown at it. Therefore, they should not fade, the colours are designed to be vibrant and long-lasting and are pretty much guaranteed to last longer than timber and uPVC.

A front door is a long-term investment and a high-quality composite door from Clydebuilt Home Improvements will last for a minimum of 35 years or more. The only reason you should need to change a composite door would be:

  • If it becomes damaged
  • If you change your mind and want a new door

A key benefit of composite doors Scotland is that the glazing can be easily replaced if needed. Unlike a uPVC door where the glazing is moulded to the door, the glazing in a composite door can simply slide into the precut space. However, you cannot cut a new shaped glass window into an existing composite door as it will compromise the strength of the door. You can only specify glass portals prior to the door being made.

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