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Double Glazing Windows in Perth

The most popular and versatile window we offer.

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Clydebuilt Double Glazing in Perth

Home is where the heart is, and when you want to make home improvements, we believe only the best will do. At Clydebuilt Home Improvements, our team has extensive experience when it comes to new double glazing windows in Glasgow and providing outstanding customer service, ensuring you’re happy throughout the process.

All of our windows are designed with our customers in mind, manufactured from premium grade materials and cutting-edge techniques to make sure they continue to benefit your home long after they have been installed, making them a very worthwhile investment.

Why us?

The benefits are both aesthetic and financial as modern advancements in window technology mean there are a lot more design options for homeowners, meaning you can get windows that fit with the style and décor of your property. Also, new double glazing windows in Glasgow are much more energy efficient than they used to be, so you can keep your house warmer in the winter and save money on your heating bills. As well as this, energy savings play an important role in the environment, helping to reduce carbon footprint.

When you decide to purchase new windows for your home, it is important to have an understanding of the price, which is why we offer a completely free quotation. We are a professional family-run window company in Glasgow that you can trust to supply and fit your new windows that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Available in a Beautiful Range of Colours

A beautiful range of colours and stains, including uPVC woodgrain finishes, which look like real wood, but without the maintenance. Plus, dual colours with white inside and a second shade on the exterior, in-keeping with both the character of your property and inside décor.

Anthracite Grey

Basalt Grey

Agate Grey

Pebble Grey

Silery Grey

Chartwell Green

Slate Grey

Beck Brown

Light Oak

Golden Oak

Standard Cream

Rosewood Grain

Standard White

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We take quality seriously, so we’re proud that our standards are endorsed by all the relevant industry bodies and glazing associations. Find out more about our accreditations here

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Double Glazed Windows FAQ’s

View all our FAQ’s here

It might be time to replace your double glazing in Glasgow if:

You have noticed condensation build-up between the panes of your double glazed glass- this could mean your window seals have deteriorated and allowed moisture into the home. When a seal deteriorates and fails any insulating gas that was used to make the window energy efficient will escape. This leads to your double glazing being ineffective, and your energy bills will likely start to increase.
You have difficulty opening or closing your windows- windows that were not installed correctly might sometimes develop balance problems, making them difficult to use. Windows that are rusting, or rotting can also be tricky to operate. If you cannot close your windows properly, you might not be able to lock them either, which can affect the safety of your home.
Your windows aren’t providing much protection from outdoor noise- in this case they might not be sealed correctly.
· You can feel a draught when your windows are closed- this can suggest poor installation and/or faulty seals.

When it comes to choosing a material for your windows there are multiple options available. All of which have different features and benefits and the one you choose will come down to your own personal preferences and needs.

Timber is the highest performing material in terms of energy efficiency, due to it being a natural insulator that absorbs and retains heat. It is also often perceived as the most attractive, but as wood is a natural material it does require more maintenance to keep it looking its best.

uPVC is long-lasting and low maintenance as well as offering impressive performance at an affordable price. It is a popular material choice for many homeowners as it ticks a lot of boxes, it’s an all-round good material that gives you a smooth look that won’t ever rot, rust, or flake but it may lack a bit of charm for some buyers looking for a material with more character.

Slim frames like ones made from aluminium allow the most light in and provide a stylish exterior for modern properties. Aluminium is often used in structural glazing and other commercial construction due to its strength, which is why the frames can be made thinner in comparison to the other materials. As a metal, aluminium is a natural heat conductor, meaning heat escapes easily. So, aluminium windows need a thermal barrier in the frames to reduce heat loss which has helped improve their popularity as a window frame option.

Composite windows offer the benefits of all of the other materials combined, including strength, security, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and longevity. For example, one popular choice is to create aluminium-clad timber for a low maintenance, weatherproof window thanks to the aluminium outside, that also has the character and warmth of a classic wooden window on the inside.

If you’re thinking about replacing the windows in your home, one of the first things you should do is determine what kind of windows you already have. This includes:

Material: identify the type of material used in the frames of your windows, this is easy to do, simply examine the interior and exterior of the frame and feel the frame itself. If you are struggling to work out what kind of material your windows are, you can try and find the name of the manufacturer somewhere on them.

Glazing: most homes in Scotland today have double glazing windows. When you look at the glass, if you can see two panes separated by a spacer bar then you have double glazing. Spacer bars are small bits of plastic or metal that work to separate and support the two panes of glass in a double glazed window. Naturally, if it is just one pane you have single glazed glass and if there are three panes separated by two spacer bars you have triple glazed glass.

Opening: knowing how your windows open is another important feature to recognise. The most common types of opening are side hung and top hung, the difference between these being where the hinges sit. Windows that are side hung open outward with hinges on the right and left of their frame. Top hung windows swing open using hinges at the top of the window frame. By simply opening your windows you should be able to determine which mechanism they use.

Energy efficient home improvements like installing double glazing windows in Glasgow, can reduce household bills and increase the value of your property too.

For heat energy to be transferred from hot spaces to cold spaces, it needs a good conductor. The trapped air, combined with Argon gas, in-between the glass panes can’t circulate, so it is a poor conductor, reducing the rate of heat loss from inside the home. With less heat being able to leave the house through the window, your room stays warmer for longer.

Our extremely popular double glazing Glasgow offers energy efficient A-rated, low e-glass to homeowners who are looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade single glazed windows that will last for many years to come. As well as reducing unwanted noise and your carbon footprint, our high-quality double glazing also allows for significant energy savings through its excellent weather resistant qualities too.

No, you don’t require planning permission to replace existing windows or doors, although you will need to check to see if you are located in a conservation area as you could be restricted with what designs or materials you are able to use. You can check this with your local council, if you’re building an extension you will need planning permission.

Our window fitters in Glasgow are extremely professional and careful to minimise the impact of their work, to avoid any damage to walls or floors when installing your windows. So, you should not need to redecorate your room as a result of having new windows fitted.

The days of plain windows with limited options are well and truly over, we offer a range of standard colour options for your new windows in Glasgow. One popular option is uPVC woodgrain finish which gives you the look of real wood without the maintenance that comes with it. Also, you could have dual colours with white inside and a second colour outside so you can keep to the style and character of your property in both your interior and exterior.

Window energy efficiency rating schemes are based on a scale that goes from A to G. This system shares similarities with the labelling system used that you might find on fridges, washing machines, and cookers. An ‘A’ rating suggests a good level of energy efficiency whilst a ‘G’ is the lowest rating. Windows with a low rating of G will not usually satisfy building regulation requirements. We are confident that all of our windows, no matter the material or style, will meet and surpass the recommended level of energy efficiency.

We pride ourselves on providing the utmost security for your home, to give you complete peace of mind. All of our window installations are highly secure, featuring quality security locking as standard that would keep any potential intruders at bay. You can put your trust in Clydebuilt Home Improvements to keep your home safe and secure with our windows Glasgow.

Double glazed windows will normally last up to 20 years, however, this can vary from anything between 10-15 years depending on the quality of the windows, the quality of the installation, and where the windows are situated. Over a long period of time your windows may become less energy efficient, so they should be looked after to make sure they last as long as possible.

This will come down to your personal choice and the style and colour of uPVC double glazed window that you choose. Nowadays it is easy to get double glazing that is designed to compliment the features of any property, even the most period homes.

Some homeowners often choose double glazing regardless of whether it affects the character or appearance of the building as it reduces the draughts and energy efficiency of your property as well as being very secure too.

In some period homes as long as you match the style of the window double glazing is acceptable. At Clydebuilt Home Improvements we have wood grain window profiles that can look like timber windows. You should check with your local council to see what regulations apply to your home.

The savings you will see from double glazing will vary from home to home and can depend on other factors including the size of your property, the number of windows, and how well the rest of your property is insulated e.g., insulated cavity walls, your roof being insulated. On a standard size home, you could see savings of up to £200 on your energy bills every year with new double glazed windows. This saving would also increase as energy prices increase over time, so there are significant savings to be made by having double glazing windows Glasgow installed in your home.

Double glazing will reduce the amount of noise and sound that comes in from outside. As the two panes are not in direct contact with each other the sound waves and noise are dampened and softened which leads to a quieter inside. Double glazing won’t completely block out the sound from outside, however, it will significantly reduce it. If you live near a busy road you may want to consider acoustic double glazing as it is designed to damper noise entering your property by around 40db.

On average 18% of heat is lost through the windows in a home and the majority of research into this shows double glazing can reduce heat loss by up to 50% in comparison to single glazing. This means that you should see a reduction in your energy bills if the rest of your property is well insulated and thermally efficient. This reduction in energy also has environmental benefits. It has been said that double glazing can lower carbon dioxide emissions by up to 680kgs a year and if all properties were double glazed this would lower carbon dioxide emissions by millions of kgs a year.

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